ePayhub is a platform that lets anyone to pay Bills, Rental expenses and Education feeses using Cards, Wallets, and BNPL products in a convenient, quick and secure way.

Contrary to conventional ways, ePayhub allows you to pay your home or office rent, Rental advances and Education expenses using multiple payment options such as Credit cards, BNPL products irrespective of the acceptance of the same by the landlords and Institutions in accordance with the RBI rules.

We are committed to making payments work out, being the platform behind the payment and always concerned about the payers, not the payments.

Who is behind this?

Having studied the problem experienced by the people, we saw the need to come up with a solution; hence, epayhub. epayhub is the product of Flexypay Solutions Pvt Ltd, a Hyderabad, India based IT Services Company. However, this current version is a better version that solves every payment problem. With this solution, we assist the Indian community to unleash the power of credit cards completely. Our platform is also mobile friendly, means that, with your credit or debit card and your cell phone, you are free to quickly make any payments at the comfort of your home.