It’s not easy to believe someone in our 1st interaction and so you may have many doubts about how it works, whether it’s a genuine platform etc..

Since you will be using your Card and we will be routing your money you may get 2 basic questions.

What is the guarantee that my

01. Card information is safe here?

02. Money will not be misused and it will reach the intended beneficiary?

01. Card Safety

We are using payment gateways like Razorpay, EBS which are built on state of the art technology and has robust mechanism to safeguard your card information and fraud detection.

We simply take you to our payment gateway web page there you will be entering your card information and then you will come back to therefore, technically you are not sharing your card information with us but with our payment gateway partners who are having bank grade security, PCI DSS compliant and widely used by big brands and govt organizations therefore, it’s as secure as using your card for booking movie, bus, flight ticket, hotel room or paying tax in any of the top websites.

All these payment gateways are regularly audited by Card companies like Visa, MasterCard.

02. Money Safety

To make sure the intermediator/ facilitator / aggregator is not running away with your money and it is reaching the intended beneficiary the RBI ( Reserve Bank of India) introduced NODAL BANK ACCOUNT set up through which THE RBI monitors the bank accounts of the intermediaries . These bank accounts banks are totally controlled and operated by the bank under RBI guidelines and the NODAL BANK transfers funds to customers ( of the intermediator/ facilitator / aggregator) as per the agreed settlement cycle i.e T+1/2/3. Therefore we can’t pull your money or hold your money beyond 3 days.

NO ATM Card, Cheque book, Cash withdrawal from Bank branches facilities be given for NODAL BANK ACCOUNTS