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What is ePayhub and how it is useful?

It is a software platform that lets any one Pay any one for anything.

Lets you pay anyone for anything with Credit card. A few use cases are Rent, Maintenance, Education expenses, Utility Service Provider and to various Suppliers, Vendors.

What type of payments I can do?

Rent, Maintenance, School , College fee, Utility Service Provider, Contractor Payment, Pay for anyinvoice, Professional Charges, Salary payments, Supplier, Vendor. Pay anyone for anything.

Does the merchant/ receiving party must be the user of ePayhub.in?

No. It’s not mandatory that both the sender and receiver must be ePayhub customers.

Does the merchant/ beneficiary has to pay any fee?

No. They would be getting the money into their bank accounts without paying a single penny.

What are the benefits of using ePayhub?

By using Credit card, one will get interest free credit for up to 45 days as you will be paying the card bill on time, you’ll have good credit history and score that helps you getting faster loan approvals with discounted/ reduced charges and fees. Besides, you will also be getting reward points and cash backs from the card issuing banks.

Signup & KYC

Why am I asked to submit my KYC and Is it mandatory?

It is mandatory for us to know who our customers are and hence, it is a must to collect the KYC (know your customer). It is just to know who is transacting on our platform. That’s it. So despite its mandatory to provide KYC, there is nothing to worry.

Do you report all my transactions to the IT Department?

No. KYC mandatory to know who are using our platform and make sure official banking channels are not being used for any wrong purposes.


If I make a payment today when will the beneficiary gets the money ?

The payments made to the utility billers gets reflected the same day of payment. The rental and Education etc payments would be settled based on the settlement option chosen while making the transaction. In case if a settlement was failed, it takes upto 3 banking days and we have no hold on it as the settlements are processed by the banks using NEFT, IMPS.


Is it free to use ePayhub?

We charge a small % of convenience fee. Pls refer to our pricing page


Are there any limits on the no of payments and volume of the payments?

There are no limits on the number of payments and the minimum and maximum amount that can be paid by any user in a particular time window. But for the Rental payments and education payments, the minimum should be Rs.1,000 and the maximum amount could be Rs.50,000.

What type of cards are accepted?

All Credit cards of Amex, MasterCard, Rupay and Visa issued in INDIA are accepted.

Are there any restrictions on the number of payments i can do in a particular time frame?