Key Benefits of Using our Services.

The benefits of using our platform cannot be over-emphasized as it ranging from Fast and Easy Payment, Lowest processing fees, Data security, Flexibility cards acceptance and lot more.

If you pay your Bill/fee just by transferring funds from your account to the institution account/ you gain nothing but if you do so by a credit card and then paid the card bill on time: you get the benefits mentioned below.

  • Lowest credit card processing charge
  • Option to choose same day settlement
  • Individuals like freelancers, consultants can accept card payments without any software or hardware right to their bank account
  • Up to 45 - 50 days interest free credit
  • Despite the bills/fees is paid on time, your bank account balance remains the same so that you can use the money in your bank account for emergencies
  • Reward points/ cash backs by your card issuing bank
  • Pay huge bills in Easy Monthly Installments ( EMIs )
  • Your credit score will go high by paying the credit card bills promptly, that can get your loan applications with the banks Approved
  • Whatever the benefits we are getting by using credit cards in our day to day life, the same benefits can be availed by using your credit card on
  • Supports diversified credit and debit cards payments
  • PC and Mobile friendly
  • No monthly fees or no limit on transactions
  • Account set up is easy, quick, and stress-free
  • Customer dispute is highly supported